Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I am having problems with both my iPad and laptop blocking this site.  I am going to talk with the Windows expert onboard tomorrow.  So no update right now.

Monday, January 15, 2018

At Sea – January 15, 2018

Aacck!  What is happening to me?  I had breakfast again today!  I got up at 8 because there was a Polynesian Fiber bracelet making class.  Last one of these filled up quickly so I wanted to get there a half hour early to get a space.  I stopped into the Lido and got some orange juice and a roll on the way.

It took about 30 minutes to complete the bracelet (we had used the same technique making a bracelet on the 2016 Westerdam cruise).  I then went to Sit and Stitch (only about 8 present – the time is competing with a location lecture).

We had another dismal showing at morning trivia. Rodney had talked with Hamish (CD) who said that the morning team trivia was harder than the afternoon trivia.  The one good part was that our team member, Jeannette, who has had the flu, was well enough to join the team again.  We had 6 out of 15 correct and the winning team had 12.

1)For what does the “WD” in WD-40 stand?
2)How old was Martin Luther King, Jr. when he won the Nobel Peace Prize?
3)Who was King Lear’s favorite daughter?
4)Which was the first country to the South Pole?
5)The praying mantis is the only insect to have only one of what?

During the Captain’s Dinner the other night there was a medical emergency announcement.  I have now heard from a number of different people that, unfortunately, the person involved passed away from a heart attack.  This person was someone on our Cruise Critic roll call.  Prayers to the family.

I tried the made-to-order pasta in the Lido and it was very good.  Sat with Cyndi as we waited for arts and crafts.  Today we made a glass cabochon World Cruise map necklace.  It had to dry longer than I had the time (due to early trivia) so I will finish it tomorrow.

We did a little better with afternoon trivia (which was held at 3:00 instead of 5:00 because of the change in the show schedule due to the ball this evening).  We had 12 out of 17 and the winning team had all 17.

1)What color rose symbolized purity?
2)What color is the General Lee in the Dukes of Hazzard?
3)What color is wasabi?
4)Which US medal was created in 1932 and reads “for military merit”?
5)What Chinese river was named due to the color of its silt?

Since trivia was early I had plenty of time to swim.  Considering we crossed the equator (it’s summertime!) on Sunday at 10:21 am, it has been amazingly cool.  Our high temps have been in the low 70s.  Today was the first day that the pool water was not the temperature of bath water.  I swam for about an hour (had the pool to myself most of the time) and read for about a half hour.

Tonight Jamm was playing some of the hits from Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals and I listened before dinner.

Since this was a Gala Night, the dining room was decorated in silver and black and there was live music being played.  We had another hosted table, this time with the lady in charge of Human Resources (I did not catch her name – maybe Julie???).  I had shrimp cocktail and crab legs and the wine provided by the officer.  Dessert was ice cream.

The Black and Silver Masked Ball was held in the Queens Lounge.  I stopped by for a few minutes but the place was packed so I called it an evening at about 10:15.

We gain another hour tonight.

Above three pictures from the bracelet making class

Came back to my cabin to see a number of people working on this device on "my deck"

Everyone was given a mask at dinner

the special menu for Gala Night

Everyone was very nicely dressed for the Masked Ball

pictures from the ball

Tonight's gift was a game

I missed Dutch night (I was at the Captain's Dinner) so Cyndi gave me an extra she had

Morning trivia…
1)water displacement
Afternoon trivia…
4)Purple Heart
5)Yellow River

Smooth sailing until next time!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

At Sea – January 14, 2018

As a very strange beginning of the day, I woke up around 8:30 hungry (for those who don’t know me, I don’t eat breakfast).  As I was debating going back to sleep or getting some breakfast, there was a knock on my door.  It was a maintenance man saying they needed to re-caulk my tub.  There had been a leak in the Queens Lounge (which I am directly over) the other day and I wondered if they were re-caulking all the tubs in my area or it was just a coincidence.

Since there was no longer the option of going back to bed, I got dressed and headed to the Lido. On the way I passed the Lido pool where aqua aerobics was taking place (first day).   Sat with Marilyn and Rodney while I ate some bacon and a bagel and saw the first pod of dolphins for the day.  Throughout the day we saw a number of dolphins.

Only a few of us at Sit and Stitch but I finished my scarf and started on another.  It was then off to morning trivia.  We had 11 while the winners had all 15.
1)TAP is the national airline of what country?
2)Who wrote “East of Eden”?
3)In which movie did Pierce Brosnan debut as James Bond?
4)Which US city passed a law making it illegal to pawn your dentures?
5)Which playing card suit has a one-eyed king?

Back to my cabin to put on my bathing suit before heading to lunch.  I decided on the taco bar again today.

Met Cyndi for arts and crafts about 1:30 (an hour early).  Today we made beaded earrings.  Finished my earrings by 3:00 and headed out to the Sea View Pool.  Swam for 55 minutes and had about 20 minutes to sit in the sun before having to get dressed for afternoon trivia.

We did better with 13 correct and the winners had 14.
1)For what does the “ZIP” in Zip Code stand?
2)What is Chuck Berry’s real first name?
3)Which volcano destroyed Pompeii?
4)What is the birthstone for January?
And for those who wanted a really easy question – 5)What is the name of Holland America’s private island?

It was such a pretty afternoon, I decided to spend some time on my deck.  Found out that some of the hammering I have heard came from the railing being removed (don’t know why).  I met up with Helene and Ernie from the roll call.  We saw what looked like a dozens of small dolphins jumping all around the ship before the beautiful sunset.  I finally saw the “green flash”.

On the way to dinner I listened to some of Jamm’s music which was tonight the songs of Barbra Streisand.

Dinner was very good.  I had peaches, French onion soup, Chicken Tikka (which was delicious), and Heath Bar sundae for dessert.

Cyndi, Ed, and I went to the show which featured Robbie Howard who did impressions of many famous singers. He was good except I don’t think his Barry Manilow sounded like the real thing.

Another sea day tomorrow.

Working on the railing

missing railing

more railing to remove

Aqua Aerobics

the Pacific living up to its name

the earrings we made

four shots of the dolphins (?) we saw

the beautiful sunset

the sky after sunset

Robbie Howard with some audience participation

Morning trivia…
3)Golden Eye
4)Las Vegas

Afternoon trivia…
1)Zone Improvement Plan
5)Half Moon Cay

Smooth sailing until next time!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

At Sea – January 13, 2018

Arrived at Sit and Stitch about 15 minutes early.  I was hoping to finish my scarf but used up the yarn I had with me so will have to finish it tomorrow. 

Morning trivia was real hard today (at least for our team).  We only had 5 right out of 15.  The winning team had 12.

1)What decade saw the launch of the Play Station?
2)What city is known as the “Venice of the East”?
3)What is the middle fruit in the Fruit of the Loom logo?
4)Which cartoon debuted in the Yale Daily News in 1968?
5)Who wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

I hadn’t yet tried the Dive-In (the burger-hot dog place).  I ate at it on Westerdam and was not really impressed but our dinner waiters work there during the day so I had to try it.  Actually, it was very tasty so I will be eating there again.

Arts and Crafts was packed again.  We made a fish or ladybug sunglass pouch.  I think my ladybug looks more like a mouse with a misshapen body but it is still cute.

I had switched into my swimsuit before lunch so as soon as arts and crafts finished I went out to the Sea View Pool.  Whatever they did to it yesterday it was full again and open for use.  I stayed in for 45 minutes and had it to myself for most of the time.

We improved greatly in afternoon trivia with 15 out of 20 with the winners having 18.

1)At what temperature Fahrenheit does water boil?
2)Which Beatle is the youngest?
3)How long is the bike riding portion of a triathalon?
4)In which country was Mother Teresa born?
5)Name the 5 African countries that border the Mediterranean.

Changed for dinner and then went to hear Jamm who was playing the hits of Andrew Lloyd Webber. 

Dinner was good.  I had fruit, a crab roll, the “always on the menu” steak, and Rum Baba with a scoop of pineapple sorbet for desert.

Once again I skipped the show (a violinist) and walked around taking more pictures of the interior of the ship.  I will be posting a few each day.
Two birds following along with us hundreds of miles from land

Ladybug or mouse?

Funship I by Wout Muller 1999

A Phantasy Interior by Peter Gabrieles 2000

Funship II by Wout Muller 1999

Figure of a Girl Reading by Marchelli late 19th century

Morning trivia…

5)Ian Fleming

Afternoon trivia…

1)212 degrees
2)George Harrison
3)112 miles
5)Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria

Smooth sailing until next time!

Friday, January 12, 2018

At Seat – January 12, 2018

Headed for the “Coffee Chat” with Hamish and one of the two florists, Eddy.  Eddy was finishing up one of the three arrangements he had made for a previous presentation when I arrived.  Eddy and his partner’s arrangements are all over the ship as well as numerous plants for which they are responsible.  He has been working for HAL for over 12 years.

Off to knitting group before 11:45 trivia.  We only had 8 correct and the winner had 12.

1)What nation produces 2/3 of the world’s vanilla?
2)What is the floral emblem of Switzerland?
3)What is the only US state that can be typed in just one line?
4)For which movie did Tom Hanks receive his third consecutive Oscar nomination in 1996?

Ate lunch with teammates Rodney and Marilyn again before finding Cyndi to sit and wait for Arts and Crafts.  It is so popular that you need to arrive at least a half hour in advance!  Today we made a very pretty beaded necklace.

I was planning on taking a swim afterwards but the Sea View pool was emptied (I heard to caulk it) and the Lido pool had the kids playing in it so I sat and read by the Lido pool for awhile before it was time for me to get ready for the Captain’s Dinner.

The dinner began at 6 pm in The Pinnacle Grill.  I was at a table with Grace and Dave and the Destination Specialist, Barbara Haenni.  The meal was very good although reading through the menu I didn’t think I would like most of it.  The dinner was over at 8 pm so I went to Name That Tune with Jamm in the Piano Bar.  I played with Bonnie (who sometimes plays trivia with us) and her husband.  We only had seven correct but the winners had 14.

I passed on the show (which was a singer).

We gain an hour tonight and tomorrow is another sea day.

The above photos show some of the work of the florists

The empty Sea View pool

Working on the necklace at Arts and Crafts
My necklace - there was a choice of silver and black beads that you could put together as you wished

The menu for the Captain's Dinner

The crab salad

Tomato Tartare (I forgot to take a picture of the soup)

The lamb which from the taste I would not even guess was lamb)

Chocolate Terrine

Captain Mercer

Grace, Dave, Barbara and me

The "Four Tulip Vase" which we received after the dinner

4)Apollo 13

Smooth sailing until next time!